This wiki page is aimed at coordinating the efforts of our senior design group and facilitating collaboration among the members, mentors, and the rest of the senior design community.  Any and all questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the group members via our contact us page.

Some of our references can be reviewed in our reference page.

Project DescriptionEdit

Our project is dedicated to the process design for the conversion of sorbitol to the following: glycerol , ethylene glycol , propylene glycol , alcohols, and other byproducts. The goal of this work is to produce propylene glycol and ethylene glycol in approximately a 2:1 ratio while having converted more than 60 wt% of the sorbitol feed. In order to convert the sorbitol feed into the products, a ruthenium catalyst supported on activated carbon was chosen. This catalyst will then be continually fed into an upflow slurry-phase reactor. The process we are designing will also incorporate a bioreactor to convert the byproduct glycerol into 1,3-propanediol .

It is important to note that all of our current information can be found in the informational handouts.  All updated materials are also found on the UIC Engineering EXPO page.

Completed Work

Below is a list of action items that have been completed to date:

  • The choice of catalyst has been finalized
  • Block flow diagram of the general process
  • We have decided to use a modified slurry-phase reactor
  • Preliminary material balance
  • UIC Engineering Expo Abstract
  • Rough design of the salt removal and catalyst recovery system
  • Rough material balance including byproduct details.
  • Rough Energy Balance
  • Rough economic analysis
  • Block flow diagram with bioreactor
  • Final Material Balance
  • Stream Identification Numbers
  • Final Process Flow Diagram
  • Complete equipment listing
  • Equipment pricing (with ASPEN or venbdor information)
  • Final Economic Analysis
  • Control Procedures

Current WorkEdit

Below is a list of action items that are currently being completed:

  • Writing up the final report
  • Completing final recommendations


Below are links for all files regarding the meeting presentations:

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